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Bio-It World

Bio-It World >Magazine focusing specifically on the unique information needs of the bio-IT professi..

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Computer Graphics World

Computer Graphics World Magazine provides award-winning editorial coverage of film, TV, DV, Gaming, ..

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Desktop Engineering

Desktop Engineering Magazine is written for design engineering teams. DE shows engineers how design,..


Electronic Products

Electronic Products specializes in reporting on new components used in the design of electronic equi..


Guide to Phone Apps

Guide to Phone Apps is a quarterly magazine that offers expert advice, suggestions, and information ..

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Inside Microsoft Excel

Inside Microsoft Excel is a monthly newsletter packed with tips, tricks and techniques that will sho..


Inside Microsoft Office

Inside Microsoft Office is packed with real-world advice and "how-to" information on how t..

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Inside Photoshop

Inside Photoshop Magazine provides readers with the simplest, most effective ways of learning the hi..

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Linux Magazine

Linux magazine serves as the leader for the expanding Linux community. The magazine continues to gro..

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Mac Fan

MAC FAN is published in Japan. It is a Monthly Computer magazine...

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Mac Life

Mac Life Magazine (no CD) is for people who are passionate about their Macs and want to get the abso..

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Macworld is the ultimate resource for savvy users of Apple products. Every issue is filled with auth..


Maximum PC (No CD)

Maximum PC Magazine is the ultimate upgrade for savvy PC owners. Written for the home PC user, Maxim..

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Microwave Journal

Microwave Journal has maintained an editorial balance between theory, practical uses, applications ..

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Nuts & Volts

Nuts & Volts is a monthly publication devoted exclusively to electronics topics and is written f..

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PC Magazine

PC Magazine is designed for buyers of PC software, peripherals and accessories. It is written to pro..



SERVO Magazine is dedicated to the 'Next Generation of Robotics Experimenters', devoted 100% to robo..

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Technology Review

MIT's Technology Review is the authority on the future of technology. It is for readers with a profo..

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