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3D World UK

World magazine is the planet's best-selling magazine for CG artists, covering the fields of animatio..

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417 Magazine

417 Magazine focuses on the best things in 417-land. We cover music, travel, events, dining, enterta..


ABC Soaps in Depth

Grab the latest ABC issue of Soaps In Depth to find out what happens on GH when Brenda and Sonny fin..

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Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar magazine  is written for the Acoustic Guitar player, maker, and collector and is the..

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American Songwriter

American Songwriter magazine surveys the musical landscape with in-depth interviews with both legend..

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Bass Player

Bass Player is a magazine for serious musicians who play the electric bass and/or acoustic upright b..

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Billboard magazine brings you award winning and in-depth coverage of every aspect of the music and e..

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Boxoffice Magazine delivers the latest news on films in development and in production, reviews of mo..

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Call Sheet

Call Sheet is the definitive pocket guide to the television and film industry. And its provides the ..

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CBS Soaps in Depth (1/2 yr)

CBS Soaps in Depth provides in-depth coverage of only the CBS soaps. Get all these exclusive stories..

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CBS Watch! Magazine - Your eye on entertainment - delivers exclusive entertainment and lifestyle con..


Channel Guide Magazine

Channel Guide Magazine provides guidance for TV viewers across the country, helping them find someth..

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Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar keeps you informed on the music, musicians, and instruments that matter. We share t..

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Dance Magazine

Dance Magazine is edited for people who dance. Dance Spirit is the one magazine dedicated to inspiri..

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Dance Spirit

Dance Spirit is edited for people who dance. Dance Spirit is the one magazine dedicated to inspiring..

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Dance Teacher

Dance Teacher magazine is a magazine for those self-sacrificing lovers of dance who work diligently ..

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Diabolique is a lavishly illustrated, bimonthly print and digital magazine that explores all aspects..



Double Magazine is a Paris based magazine. It is dedicated to showcasing the newest, freshest and mo..

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