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Another Magazine

Another Magazine is a bi-annual culture-rich luxury fashion magazine for women containing the latest..

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AR (Japan)

Ar is a fashion magazine for female university students and working women in their early twenties. I..

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Can Cam Japan

Can Cam Japan in the past few years has dominated the women’s fashion world. Partly by tending to mo..

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CoDe Component Developer Magazine

CODE therefore is a contemporary fashion magazine with clear opinions on what is interesting about f..

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Cool Trans

Cool Trans features current street fashion, the latest trends as well as advice on how to dress for ..

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ELLE Magazine is the international fashion magazine for sophisticated, independent women with a stro..

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Fashizblackis a fashion, beauty, and culture magazine dedicated to the Black community. Beauty &..

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Harper's Bazaar (UK)

Harper's Bazaar is where elegance finds expression. Appealing to the contemporary working woman and ..


Love (UK)

Love is the new biannual magazine from Katie Grand and Conde Nast. Love is more than just a fashion ..

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Marie Claire

Marie Claire is a potpourri of features, fashion, and faces of beauty for the independent woman. Its..

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Spring is street-like independent casual fashion for women in their 20s. Quite different from your a..

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