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Scholastic News 1

Scholastic News 1 Magazine is a Scholastic current events magazine for children in grades 1. NB: All..

$143.68 $27.25

Scholastic News 2

Scholastic News 2 Magazine is a Scholastic current events magazine for children in grades 2. NB: All..

$143.68 $27.25

Scholastic News 3

Scholastic News 3 Magazine is a Scholastic current events magazine for children in grades 3. NB: All..

$107.76 $27.00

Scholastic News 4

Scholastic News 4 Magazine is a Scholastic current events magazine for children in grades 4. NB: All..

$107.76 $27.00

Scholastic News 5

Scholastic News 5 Magazine is a Scholastic current events magazine for children in grades 5. NB: All..

$107.76 $27.00

Scholastic News 6

Scholastic News 6 for children in grade 6. Subscriptions run for a school year, September through Ma..

$107.76 $27.00

Scholastic Scope

Scholastic Scope Magazine is a supplemental classroom magazine to teach reading and writing to teena..

$80.91 $39.95


Schon Magazine focuses on established and new talent on the up from all over the world. Giving you e..

$158.06 $128.00

School Arts

School Arts Magazine is an indispensible tool for teachers of the visual arts. School Arts serves as..

$75.00 $29.00


Schuss Magazine is for intermediate students of the German language. NB: All subscriptions start in ..

$47.94 $31.95

Science News

Science News is a weekly newsmagazine covering the most important research findings in all fields of..

$156.00 $50.00

Science World

Science World Magazine has the latest news and discoveries in every field of science, hands-on activ..

$111.00 $39.95

Scientific American

Scientific American is a surprising, dynamic magazine in which working scientists and Nobel laureate..

$59.40 $39.99

SciFiNow (UK)

SciFiNow (UK) is the premier sci-fi, fantasy, horror and cult TV magazine. Featuring big news on the..

$112.49 $112.49

Scooby Apocalypse

Scooby Apocalypse is where the mysterious world of Scooby-Doo! is brought to life. Join Scooby for f..

$47.88 $29.99

Scooby Doo Where Are You?

Scooby Doo Where Are You brings you the Mystery Machine with Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Daphne ..

$35.88 $26.99

Scooby-Doo Team Up

Scooby-Doo Team Up magazine that DC Comics is bringing an all-new Scooby-Doo series similar to the ..

$35.88 $26.99

Scottish Life

Scottish Life focuses on colorful travel features and vacation ideas, articles about Scottish histor..

$36.00 $32.95

Screen Printing

Screen Printing Magazine is the only magazine that covers the entire field of screen printing with t..


Scroll Saw Woodworking

Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts is dedicated to woodworkers and scroll saw woodworking tool owne..



ADWEEK has the inside stories on creativity, client/agency relationships, successful global advertis..



Aero the breakout stars of war of the realms: agents of atlas dubut in an oversized team up book! Ge..

$47.88 $29.99

Aesthetica (UK)

Aesthetica is a bi-monthly publication. One year is six issues of contemporary art and culture broug..

$104.14 $89.00


Afar Magazine is a new travel magazine about real, meaningful travel experiences. It s about satisfy..

$29.94 $20.00

Affordable Housing Finance

Affordable Housing Finance Magazine taps into the financing power of low-income housing tax credits..


African American Golfers Digest

African American Golfers Digest is a nation’s leading publication for avid black golfers. News, tips..


African Voices

African Voices is dedicated to presenting art and literature by writers and artists of color. Our mi..


Afrique Magazine

Afrique Magazine is an international French monthly published by AMI (Africa, Mediterranean and inte..

$176.24 $149.00

Against the Current

Against the Current is our bi-monthly analytical journal, and is our contribution to a broad discuss..



AgPro is the respected choice of retailers, distributors, farm managers and crop consultants when ag..

$120.00 $45.00


Ahora - Teachers Edition Magazine is a useful guide for Spanish language instructors. NB: Please not..

$32.99 $31.99

Air Classics

Air Classics contains historical accounts by the men who lived in the belly of a B-17 bomber or in t..

$90.00 $69.95

Air Force Times

Air Force Times is the bible of the military market; edited for the Air Force branch of service &..

$260.00 $62.00


Alaska is a magazine of life on the last frontier and the world's only general interest magazine abo..

$66.50 $24.00

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery are stories in the field of crime, suspense, mystery, and detection.   In..

$42.00 $34.97

All-New Ghost Rider

All-New Ghost Rider with four on the floor, Marvel's newest GHOST RIDER puts vengeance in overdrive!..

$47.88 $29.99

All-New Invaders

All-New Invaders it’s the return of Marvel’s original super-team! Captain America teams up with the ..

$47.88 $29.99


Allons Magazine is for beginner students of the French language. ..



Allons-y! is Level 1 French magazine immerses beginners in the language and culture of French-speaki..



Allrecipes helps cooks discover and share the joy of cooking by providing access to a dynamic food-f..

$29.94 $18.00

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Best Fall Travel Spots

Best Fall Travel Spots

Editor 10/13/2019 0
Fall is one of the best times of the year. The weather starts to cool off and the leaves start to change color, Halloween and Thanksgiving are the season’s biggest holidays and pumpkin spice is everywhere. What more is there to love about fall! If you want to experience all the beauty fall has to offer, here are some amazing fall trip spots where you can enjoy foliage and autumn activities. Charleston, South CarolinaWith the humidity of summer dropping, fall is the best time to travel to Charleston, South Carolina. You’ll get to experience the full colors of fall as you stroll down the...
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A Girl’s Guide To Football

A Girl’s Guide To Football

Editor 10/01/2019 0
You’ve probably already noticed that it’s football season as your significant other, spouse, partner or friends are always talking about the latest game or their Fantasy Football draft. Don’t feel left out and instead learn the game! Football isn’t that complicated once you understand what’s happening on the field and can actually be an exciting sport. Here’s a handy guide to football so that you can at least talk the talk on Sundays. You actually might surprise yourself and like the sport once you know what’s happening! The Start of The GameFootball is an American sport that is play...
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Why You Should Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Now

Why You Should Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Now

Editor 09/29/2019 0
 Sure, fall may just have arrived, but your planning for the holiday season should be at the top of your list. Why? If you are savvy enough to get your Christmas shopping done now, you can benefit from deals, discounts, and a shopping experience that isn’t riddled long lines and the holiday pressure that can make all of us a little ornery. Instead, you can breeze your way through the holiday season by getting all of your shopping done right here, right now. Don’t believe us? Here’s why you should get a jumpstart:  1. Save Money: Did you know many stores will increase their...
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Having Trouble Finding Gifts For Father’s Day?

Having Trouble Finding Gifts For Father’s Day?

Editor 06/08/2019 0
With Father’s Day next weekend, you’re probably stressed over the fact that you haven’t found anything yet. Don’t worry, there are plenty of people on the same boat! Trying to find the perfect Father’s Day gift is hard because there are only so many mugs, ties, key chains and socks you can buy your dad, husband, grandpa and any other father-like figure in your life. The reality is, the go-to Father’s Day gifts are played out and boring. Add in the fact that dads never know what they want makes it even harder. Ask any guy what they’d like for Father’s Day and you’ll get back the same ans...
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How To Stay Hydrated During Summer

How To Stay Hydrated During Summer

Editor 06/02/2019 0
The hottest time of the year is here, but are you getting enough water? Summer is the one time of year where it’s especially important to stay hydrated due to the warmer temps outside. Staying hydrated will help keep you cool during the hot summer months and provide numerous health benefits. Water is the one nutrient that we can’t survive without so it’s vital that you’re staying healthy and hydrated at a time when you need it the most. It’s widely known that you should be getting in at least eight cups of water each day, but during the summer months, you should increase your intake. And i...
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Why Have Easter Celebration?

Why Have Easter Celebration?

Editor 03/22/2019 0
The Easter holiday is here again for most countries, especially those with a considerable Christian population, we count four days set aside for Easter. Two of those days are originally weekends while the other two are set aside during the work week to celebrate Easter. If you have asked what is special about Easter to the extent that some countries in the world give two more days in celebration of it, you should read this article. Easter is the combination of Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. The Saturday in the mix is also equally important but it is regarded silent while the...
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